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Our Unique Business Model


We are business advocates who combine the best of coaching and consulting into a truly unique model. We have created a way to serve our clients in a model that adds no cost to their bottom line. Most of the time, our clients actually save money when they begin working with us.

Our expert advocates are standing by to talk with you about growing your business.


How do we do it?

It's a simple idea, really. If you run a business, you have to pay for worker's compensation and other business insurance. When you become a TCA client, we will handle your insurance AND we will become your advocate.

Our advocacy includes business consulting, coaching, asset protection guidance, business growth strategies, and innovative business technology tools. And we don't charge a dime for it. Our revenue comes from managing your business insurance needs. Isn't it about time you got something more for your insurance payments?


Why trust us?

The Corporate Advocate's three partners have more than 50 years of experience owning and running successful businesses. We know every challenge you face because we have faced them ourselves.


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An Advocate In Your Corner

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The Corporate Advocate exists to protect the vision of business owners.

Whether you are a business veteran or just starting out, you face some incredible threats to your dreams as a business owner. Employee lawsuits, claims, and undisciplined management leave your vision vulnerable. You need an advocate in your corner. We will guide you to identify a plan that will lead to long-term success and profitability.

With more than 50 years of combined business experience, no one is better positioned to guide you through the challenges you are facing.

We call ourselves advocates because protecting employers is what we are most passionate about. We found the way to help employers manage smarter, grow healthier, and protect their future without adding any more cost to their bottom line. Oftentimes, they even save money.

The truth is, you are already paying for what we offer; you're just not getting the benefit of it.


Education and Technology

The Corporate Advocate is dedicated to helping clients run smarter, more efficient and effective companies. This is part of our advocacy business model. If our clients grow, we grow. So we do everything we can to help them operate from a position of strength.

Our Model is Different

What are you getting for your insurance payments? If your answer is just, "insurance," then you are not leveraging your business expenses as effectively as you could. When you work with The Corporate Advocate, you get a lot more for the money that you pay for general liability and workers' comp insurance.

What do you love doing so much that you'd do it for free? We asked ourselves that question, and we decided that we would help employers get through their toughest challenges – employee lawsuits, entity structuring, compliance issues, asset management, etc. We've been through these challenges ourselves, and we've come out wiser and eager to help other business owners.

But we have families to feed and payroll to meet. So we found a revenue source to support our passion. Something that business owners need to buy already – insurance.

We want to manage your workers' comp and general liability insurance. We're good at it. Really good. Helping companies with their corporate insurance allows us to work with you on making sure that your vision for your company is secure.

Contact Your Advocate

Tell us about yourself, your business, and the challenges that you are facing. We will get in touch with you right away.

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"TCA has been a welcomed addition to our company. Their staff is very friendly and helpful. We can always count on them to give us up-to-date payroll information."

— Jan C. 3-Valley Construction